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Jun 24, 2008
I ordered this on a whim last night while I was watching the beauty show last night. My skin hasn't been responding as well to the Liz Earle Exfoliator and I wanted to try something else before I went back to my beloved A'Kin scrub.

My skin is combination, and atm quite congested on the T-Zone, they said it was ok for all skin types - so just wondered if anyone on here had used it and could share their thoughts on it and also how to use it, as usual AY was blabbing at high pitch:54: over Caroline the guest so they didn't really go into it that much...

Thanks in advance:1:
I love this scrub :43:, smells divine and gives a thorough yet gentle scrub. However...

it is a BUGGER to get out of the tube as it is so thick, so I won't buy again unless they sell it in a tub with a scoop!!!

I've tried this but found it very drying on my skin and the heating up thing lasted about 2 seconds - I was looking forward to some thermal spa experience - I am combination to a slightly dry and dehydrated skin - i'm also very sensitive and react easily.

I got it becasue i have a lots of congestion but I found it didn't help and made my skin peel and flake in places.

I thought it was very fragranced and yes it is a b*gger to get out of the tube. I sent it back to QVC for a refund.
Thanks peeps:1: - the reviews on the web all say it's a beee-atch to get out of the tube, but one reviewer says to place the tube in some warm water before us and it softens it a bit.

I hope it's ok, as my skin looks so dull at the mo. Think it's time of year and being depressed tbh.
I've used this and loved it. The warming effect doesn't last long, but it's nice...though probably more of a novelty than of any therapeutic value. I found it left my skin very glowy and you only need a tiiiiny amount, so the tube is fairly economical. It is difficult to get out of the tube though. Think of it as a bit of extra winter exercise! Smells lovely too.
it is so difficult to get out of the tube, but it is a nice gentle scrub. i think i read somewhere, possibly on here, that if you put in the microwave for a little while it makes getting out of the tube very that is what i do now!

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