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Mar 7, 2009
Although I have used Clientele in the past (I still have some of their stuff which I use at night sometimes), anybody considering ordering kits containing their Day Therapy (& probably all their other day creams with an SPF factor) may like to know that the Day Therapy at least uses the really quite unpleasant Oxybenzone for sun protection purposes rather than the safer titanium dioxide & zinc oxide based ones!

All products containing Oxybenzone must, by law, carry a warning to this effect at the bottom of the ingredients list!
(Not meaning to preach, just telling folk to be aware of this fact!)
I was horrified enough to never want to buy Clientele products (of any sort!) again, as in this day & age there is no excuse for using ingredients of this sort I think & I am only sorry I didn't actually check their ingredients list earlier!
Well, people must of course make their own choices & my post was certainly not intended as a 'don't use this' but rather a 'heads up' for those who might wish to know!
I don't wish to use products containing this chemical myself & try to actively encourage my three daughters to at least be aware of what's in the stuff they use too!

Who knows what other things may be uncovered in the future as having potentially harmful effects?
I can remember as a child being plonked in the sun on beaches (my mother smothering herself in tanning oil) & on more than one occasion getting quite badly sunburnt! I wouldn't dream of exposing my own children to such risks but nobody thought anything of it back in the 60's!

It is sometimes a little depressing trying to always be 'one step ahead' as far as product ingredients go & it would be very easy to soon be too afraid to use anything at all for fear of what they may do to you, either now or in the future but in this day & age where it seems almost everything from lipsticks to cabbages or whatever are known or potential carcinogens for example, we are often constantly torn between putting our blind faith in something & regarding everything with an almost total paranoia! :2:
Thanks for the heads up. It seems you can't be too safe nowadays, with the increasing amount of research, that is being released on carcinogenics. Just the other week, I was reading an article about certain ingredients, and their links with leukaemia. I was shocked by the availability of some of those ingredients.
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The oxybenzone is used in loads of high street brands, and foundations as well as a spf. TD gives a white cast to the skin, I think that is why it is not popular with lots of brands. I do use the latter and don't mind the white cast, I am pale anyway.
TD gives a white cast to the skin, I think that is why it is not popular with lots of brands. I do use the latter and don't mind the white cast, I am pale anyway.

I am also quite pale-skinned Donna so it wouldn't bother me either too much!
Also, with modern developments of tints etc. included in products one does not necessarily need to look like one of the walking dead because of one's sunscreen! lol

Under some circumstances of course, we don't seem to mind anyway! For instance, my eldest DD loves skiing & always uses a virtual total sunblock on the slopes (she is incredibly pale anyway!) & never minds that she is an even whiter shade of pale than usual, presumably because she is in the company of others looking the same!

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