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Have you all texted in Christmas? I will be taking my mobile to bed tonight just incase it's me!

please please PLEASE!!!
During the Honora hours, they have been putting almost ALL the items QVC sell into a massive stocking. You text 'christmas' to 80782 and you will get entered into a draw, during the 11pm show they will ring one lucky person up and ask them a 'simple' question and they will win the lot!!!
:1:Thanks Andamooka Just done that, I could do with a bit of good fortune. Hope the simple question is simple enough for me at 11pm if I am lucky enough to be the one they ring.
I think I'll be taking my mobile to bed too !

Wouldn't it be nice to win all those Honora items.
I wanted everything in Honora. Im just going to text in and wanted an early night so if you hear a groggy woman with a thick Brummie accent and a cough its me !:43:
unfortunatly i'm not Valerie from Surrey :(

I'm sexy from near Cheshire

We know...... :kiss:
Another competition today

I have entered today's competition to win the stocking. I was really jealous of the winner yesterday and I knew the answer to the question, which was incredibly easy. I'm going for it again today - it's worth a try, but the odds must be phenomenal!

I tried to enter the competition yesterday via my landline but kept being told that the "line was busy and to try again later". I must have tried 30 times but gave up in the end.:31:

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