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Jul 22, 2008
In the UK
.....was in the audience of last nights Big Brothers Big Mouth, ****** hell, if the jury was out on him before, the verdict was unanimous after last night...the presenter referred to him as Jeremy from Airport :D you shouldn't laugh but he did look like a very nice boy in his blue striped top, I think it may have been a cropped kaftan, trouble was his head looked massive, very red and sweaty, akin to an over inflated blow up doll :eek:

God knows what he was sitting next to but she(he) was a right horror :eek: imagine Bet Lynch on steroids.... I wonder if that's whats known on 'the circuit' as a fag hag! I'd hate to meet her(him) in a dark alley!
I wonder if she's(he's) 'the lodger' :eek:
It's the second time he's been in the audience, that I know of ;)

I thought he might be sitting next to Dee thingymebob......the one he wrote his cookbook with :)

Thanks for that, Momma, I'm glad it's not the lodger...imagine having to prise the rent out of that fist, God knows where it's been :eek:
Thinking of Paul. Has any one seen him on Ideal World lately? I have not seen him for quite some time. There have been other guest presenters doing the kitchen segments.
yep, same here, i haven't seen the chef for ages, maybe he's too busy being in the audience of big mouth or even better still (and he'll love this, seeing as he is obviously a fan0 they may have grabbed him and stuck him in the house!!!!!:eek: to cook:eek:OMG help those people in there!!!!!!!:D easy yo for life:eek:
Well he made up for his absence yesterday as he was on at least 3 times with a kitchen hour. He was cooking and Eating for England again!

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