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Aug 9, 2008
South Coast in sunny Sussex
Tonight I had a fright - two items in my basket I hadn't put there...Expensive ones too..! :11: I told Jessica in Live Help and she said she'd remove them and check with Tony how it could have happened. There's no way I'd have clicked Buy in error, because a) they're out of my price range, b) I don't remember seeing them and c) they weren't items I'd have wanted!

Thought maybe they were meant for someone else's basket, esp. as some of us have similar usernames...So might be an idea to check your baskets to see if everything's there that should be...:31:
No, it wasn't him! He's bought me stuff from other channels, but not this one - he wouldn't know how to access it for one thing! (And if he did, he'd better put them in his own basket, not mine for me to pay for lol!)

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