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I'm thinking that the Cheshire Set should partake of some gloriously vulgar but outrageously expensive handbags for their next court case, I mean, meeting.
We'll certainly need A body bag if it's the same magistrate we had last time...
I like 140230, a patent leather bag and i am hoping you guys can talk me out of it...:33:
If it's a hooker's bag, Dingledangle will want it, she likes to look the biz when she's trawling round the less salubrious parts of Surrey.
OMG I can't believe the price and I thought KVZ bags were expensive think I will stick to Next etc, some of them look really tacky I must be getting old because I couldn't recognise many of those celebrities they kept showing with those bags
I bought one of these bags in a moment of madness! Ok, I admit it, I fell for the hype.:eek: It was the one supposedly owned by Eva Longoria. Not only was it cheap and tacky looking irl, it weighed an absolute ton and that was before you put anything in it. Hugely overpriced imo.
Oh but Claire Sutton said that they were just like the bags in the high-end stores which are all chained and alarmed and to the locked glass cases with the prestigious eau de parfum.
It seems they have a new bag fetish going on with different stuff every week but it all still looks like the range I find in my local T K Maxx at a fraction of the price. Still made of leather too! And what's with the "designer" label? Everything had to be designed by someone at some point. Nothing puts me off buying something quicker than being told I should buy it because some unknown "celebrity" has it.

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