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Jul 8, 2008
Is anyone else out there totally fed up seeing hour after hour of the same tat on QVC right now? Even the clearance is a waste of time. Items that are described as being available in all sizes and colours actually turn out to be only available in one or two colours and size 2XL and upwards, for example. It's more warehouse clearance than sale bargain and even then the real bargains are few and far between! (Makes me wonder what will be dredged up for the single hour of the beauty sale tonight) Customer service said that because it's a sale, it's busy and there isn't time to give all the size and colour detail. Funny how they've got time to keep talking to people on the phones or do they just do that to cover up the fact they've got nothing much to sell? Have you noticed that a customer will come on the phone and while they talk the item on screen just gets skipped over and disappears without being 'sold' at all. Was also told that you can't order sale items off the internet but that isn't the case either. The presenters keep saying how we can order in all sorts of ways, so someone doesn't know what they're talking about. We can't get out to the shops and QVC used to be great to watch but now it's just so dull. I'm sure there must be more who feel the same. At least it's good for the bank balance :)
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Last night was the worst, absolute Horrors from Kim & Co:eek:,
all of it overpriced with 4 easy pays as well. Its Not been good!:(
If you're sellig clothes you need sizes and you need samples of colours, it's not rocket science. I cannot see why QVC cannot do this.
I totally agree. There hasnt been one thing in the clearance two days that has been mildy interesting or worth buying.

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