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Jun 24, 2008
I've just seen a beautiful GIA Certified VS2 Natural Yellow Diamond stone being sold on TJC. It was lovely! Out of my price range unfortunately and I don't even know if it was a good price or not (Meeshoo will tell us hopefully) buy it was a stunning colour and NATURAL!

By the way, it didn't hang around for long unlike on some other channels! It sold pretty quickly in fact which proves a point - you don't need to lie, exaggerate and talk rubbish to try to sell something, just tell it as it is and if it's quality it'll sell!


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Price is ok KB BUT it depends on the colour grade given to it by the GIA. So for example, was it "light", "vivd", "deep" or did it have a colour grade like X, T instead? The colour actually makes a huge difference to price. Even if it was graded as an X or a "light fancy" the price is reasonable. If it is a "deep" or "vivid" (and I don't think it is from the picture") then it's incredibly well priced.

As you say, no need to lie or tell half truths. Good gemstones sell in seconds if priced correctly with enough information to help buyers make an informed choice. When you compare the price of this stone to the rubbish that Rocks and Co are selling for 10 times that AND they're selling irradiated material, not natural, it makes you realise what daylight robbery Rocks and Co are commiting on a regular basis.
You know Meeshoo I was that busy trying to turn on the "Watch Live" thingy and get a screen print that I never heard the grading!! It sold quickly so I didn't have much time. It was a lovely colour on the TV though - not light but not the brassy yellow in any way.

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