centigrade last clicks, coat for £20


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Jun 24, 2008
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centigrade last clicks, coat for £20

I am not really a QVC fashion addict, have never bought clothing except Carole Hochman pj's, but there is a coat on last clicks for only £20+pp
I usually go for winter coats in 1 colour, but this does not look too bad, and get good reviews, so I might try it. I live in black trousers in the winter, so it would match perfectly


There is also this one, but I am not into double breasted coats
The only thing with centigrade (IMHO) is the sizing is a bit hit and miss - but its seems good value doesn't it?
I have found both the quality and the sizing to be hit and miss. Had a TSV centigrade coat which did me two winters as a work coat and I loved it, very good value for money. On the strength of this I got a new style (can't remember the product number) and was frankly appalled at the quality, it arrived with deep creases, buttons sewn on crookeed with a single thread, was far too tight even tho it was in theory the same size as my other coat from the range. You could send for it to have a look and a try on. If's good quality then it is a total bargain
The first checked coat I loved it when I saw it on air.
I have since just tried to put it on in size large as I have a Centigrade leather jacket in the same size, to find the sleeve far too tight a fit - have generous arms but on the diet chef hopefully going smaller.
I would say for £20 it's a bargain and if it's in your size or maybe best the next one up go for it at the price don't think you'd be disappointed.

Hope that helps.

i went for it in sz large, I am sz 12, but usually take 14 for a wintercoat.... I think I should have gone for a XL now...... I think a visit to the PO will be due later this week. Why o why do I bother!!??

No a large should be fine I'm a larger lady so a large for you should be more than adequate.
Do hope you like it please keep in touch and pm me with what you think.


I see the checked coat is back in stock in some sizes. What did those who ordered it think of it?

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