Catherine Huntley has changed so much !


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Firstly, I like her so its not a slag off thing here.
Catherine first came on QVC as a typical skinny blond presenter. She has morphed into someone who seems very happy and content and I love her purple dress and hair.
What has happened ? Whatever it is , i wish they sold it on QVC !
Blond? I don't remember that, though I do remember her first day.

I'm not a huge fan I'm afraid, but she is looking good.
Nothing wrong with being blond and skinny at all but she has really changed. I also like her and she comes across as genuine and im very happy for her.
Catherine certainly looks good, and I like watching her. She can even make craft interesting for me - and that is saying something :1:
I met Catherine at a customer event and she is a lovely caring person. I think she always looks nice
I saw the photo of her yesterday in the Paul McKenna show when she was blonde. How weird that I can remember her first day at QVC but even seeing the photo I don't remember her being blonde.
She's okay when she's not gushing all over the guests and being sycophantic. Deffo prefer her image now. :pPC:
I really like her, think her hair is really nice, and really like the fact she is genuinely enthusiastic about craft products. One of the best presenters on QVC.
'Stunning' is not a word I would associate with her - I'd reserve that for (excuse spelling) the model Malintha or Ali who is now blondish and quite often does the Simon Wilson shows.
Much prefer the blonde


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