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Thank goodness I'm not alone... :wave: I've actually got 3 items in me basket!!! :eek:

this one but in dark blue. 139781
Me three!

Tehe, you are not alone, I like Casual & Co too! :D

The TSV kaftan set is finally on its way to me, in coral. And I bought the circle print skirt (item 139315), haven't received it yet though. Hopefully it will fit. I would like to buy couple of more tops like item 139759 and there was another one with a bold graphic print... oh dear, I'm trying to downsize my wardrobe and I don't need any more summer clothes!:D
I'm quite excited by the couple of items I bought - both floaty tunics that will look great over cropped trousers or leggings... And cheap too... :thumbsup: IMO the clothes QVC have improved lately...
I like Casual and Co. There I said it ... just waiting ... no it's ok the sky didn't fall in!

Actually I have a couple of shirts bought in the winter and the 'oversized' shirt in the grass green and it is gorgeous - and I get lots of compliments too!
Is this turning into Casual & Co Anonymous??? :lol:

My name is Karen and I'm a Casual & Co consumer!!!
I have a few pieces by Casual & Co too! Just simple plain cotton/linen tops and a soft jacket which I love. It's the best of QVC's clothes ranges IMO. Julia's just said there are some new pieces in the 5 o'clock show so will have a look.
I've ordered something too :eek: The kaftan/camisole/cropped jeans. Saw it when it was the TSV and couldn't decide then (I only have little legs and cropped jeans are usually a daft length on me). I really like the kaftan though. It's still at the TSV price too - what's the point of that then?

I seem to have bought quite a few QVC clothes lately, though usually at clearance prices. My only gripe is they take forever to arrive - why is that? Why did I receive a ring today that I only ordered on Wednesday night, yet I am still waiting for some item of clothing (can't even remember what it is now!) that was allegedly posted nearly two weeks ago.

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