Casual and co boots


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God ! I wish i had got another 4 pairs now on easy pay. They are so comfy and go with everything
I love them and am going to order another pair. I got the brown ones and they fit like a glove.:)
Me too. It usually takes me quite a while to break in boots and shoes, but these were comfortable from day one. Thanks for posting Pep; it reminds me to go and order another pair for this winter.
I like the look of the plum colour, would look great with the jacket I am knitting. Are they ok in fit as I usually need wide fitting? Your views would be appreciated. :)
I have a very narrow foot and am a 6.5 so went for a 7. I am also a bit of a hiker so have big calf muscles and they have room and also give a little and having a wide square toe area will have room to stretch and also i can wear me socks . Does anyone know if they are waterproof ?
Or should i just pull them on and go for a walk lol ?:D

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