Card making and craft hours for men and boys


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Jun 29, 2008
I know I keep on about crafting for the guys but it seems no matter how many times I contact QVC on this subject it never seems to budge them in the "TSV for men & boys" direction, I know they did a whole hour last time there was a craft day for men and boys BUT it was IMHO a triffle s**t and to say I was dissappointed was an understatement, over priced items and not much in the sets compared to the all the flowery girlie stuff sets they do.

I mean really, men and boys need cards and stuff too, do QVC not realise this?
Come on QVC we know you read this forum too, so pull your socks up and get something done!!!

OK OK rant over.
totally agree with you, can't remember the last craft kit i bought from qvc even from the outlet as i have enough flowers and butterflies to last a life time. a male themed card kit for a tsv might just tempt me
Some good craft sets for boys/men is a good idea:D,like small model
making kits.:D. I cant see my hubby or son making cards they'd run
a mile:eek::cool:
I agree. QVC seem to think that every man is into football, rugby or golf either that or darts and getting drunk; it would make sense for them to have a male orientated TSV; they are available but really hard to find on the high street.

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