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Aug 5, 2008
West Midlands
I ordered a Rhapsody ring today and used my £50 voucher all went through fine, but when i looked on my order history i noticed i had been charged the full amount so i called CS and was told it would be done no problem but it will take a few hours as accounts will need to do it!, fine! i have just looked in my order history and it says Cancelled? nobody has called me or emailed me to tell me why! what are they playing at? maybe they have had enough of my returns if so why take my order in the first place saying that i have spent £2500 with them since Febuary alone so if they have stopped me buying i'll be livid! why do things always happen out of CS hours i'm climbing the walls and can't speak to anyone until after 12 pm (if i can ever get though!) tomorrow what a joke!
I've had to deal with CS recently gemcherub and, although it hasn't been resolved quite yet (also to do with the £50 discount voucher), they are being helpful and I am quite optimistic. I agree that at times it's very difficult to get through to them. I think patience is definitely called for, but if you love the ring, I'm sure it will be worth it. Have you got a link to the ring btw?
Could it be that they have to 'cancel' the original order to create another with the £50 discount and this is a administrative thing? I hope so, but have to agree that keeping the customer informed is a basic necessity to good customer service. From what I've heard 'TJC' really need to sort out their hours of service for their enquiry lines. If you don't get any satisfaction let Mr Valentine know, he seems to be the best at resolving problems. Maybe somebody can give you his contact details? I have his old e-mail but I don't think it's used anymore.
Hi Gemcherub. So glad you got your problem resolved as that ring looks fab! After me singing their praises lately, I cringe when I read of potential problems in case I've jinxed things! Hope it's even more beautiful IRL.
Ha Ha i don't think you have jinxed anything alls fine but if you cancel somebodies order it would be nice to tell them why! and guess who canceled it..........Kevin Valentine not great CS from the CS manager lol
:WOW: Gemcherub, what an absolutely beautiful ring, absolute perfection!
Thats a stunning ring gemcherub no wonder you were livid when you saw cancelled on your order, please put piccies up when you get it if you can would love to see what it looks like irl xx
Gemcherub, what a very smart ring! No wonder you have beren somewhat rattled by this carry-on! Hope you are just delighted with it when it arrives.... it is a sleek look in the platinum... I have a soft spot for emeralds myself so I know how pleased you'll be to get it.... wear and enjoy!!
I'm glad you got it sorted out, but why did they put it back on air instead of just re-processing the order straight away with your £50 taken off? Someone else might have grabbed it!

Glad to hear you got it in the end though - please post a pic when it arrives!
The wonderful Jamie (producer) sorted it all out for me this morning, the order was canceled so it could be ordered again with the discount they were going to do it Monday but Jamie released the item this morning and put it back on air for me to bid on again, so alls well again lol this is the ring

Hi gemcherub did you say Jamie?? Jamie the producer?? lol awww Jamie is my fav producer of all time! yay!! be honest I haven't really watched TJC since Mr Lee Clark left .. BUT glad Jamie is still there and has helped you... I still wish he wasn't so shy & would pop on screen to say hello :)

I would watch again then... come on Jamie!! hehe!

I love your ring.. so perfect .. it's beautiful!! :up2: Congratulations

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