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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Hi all, As you may have seen i've placed my first order with Rocks&co on Monday. I phoned today to check the order had gone thro ok and was told it should be shipped today. Question DHL deliver next day or just any day? Any advice appreciated. TYIA
Hiya Tabs

I am not sure it is next day delivery. I was told by a DHL depot manager that Rocks put on a HECO label, which is economy delivery and not next day. In my case they added on a few days........:2:

But once they have got it on their system, you can track it from if you can get a consignment number from Rocks&Co. Or did you get a despatch email, I didn't!

Under the heading 'Track your Shipments' click on 'UK Domestic Next Day' (ironically) and on the next screen click on 'By Ident Code' ....put in your consignment number and press submit. And good luck!

Hopefully others on here had quicker and better experiences than me and so might have differing advice for you. HTH
My order was delayed in the warehouse, but when it was confirmed as dispatched on Monday, CS told me it would be here Tuesday - it wasn't. I rang Wednesday about 11ish and although I asked for a tracking number they seemed reluctant to give me one and said they would have to speak to DHL themselves :confused:they said they would ring DHL and call me back, which they did very quickly. I was assured it was on the van that day, it was and arrived about 15mins after I spoke to them. :blush:

It would be so much easier if we were all given the consignment tracking info up front as it seems some do and some don't get it. Then we could track it ourselves and leave CS alone. Maybe when they realise how important this is to us - as we have been used to it from Gemstv - they will start doing it as a matter of course.
Hi both and thanks for replies. I havent registered online with R&C, and placed both orders online. I'm not sure if i would get a tracking number if i phone, but will try tommorrow. Will let you know what they say (if anything).

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