Can anyone remember how long ago the Daewoo lcd hdtv with dvd player was a tsv please


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Jun 24, 2008
This is a real long shot here but I'm wondering if anyone can remember when this was sold?
Mine went pop last night (accompanied by a blue flash of light and dramatic puff of black smoke coming out of the back :confused2:) and, AFAIR, it can only be about 18-24 months old. I'm seriously unimpressed :angry: I know I asked advice on buying it on here at the time but it must have been before the big bang happened as it's not in my history so it was def before mid June 2008.
I've already 'phoned qvc cs but they can't help as it was over 12 months ago and, to make matters further complicated, it was actually ordered by my mil and sent to my address. MIL was admitted to hospital last week with arthritic pain which has turned out to be bone cancer :sad: so I'm obviously not going to be bothering her about this.
CS gave me the number for Daewoo but I want to have a rough idea of how long we've had it and how much it cost before I call.
I know the warranty thing never got sent back as oh misplaced it :dull: but I think their products should last longer than this.
If you've you read this essay or can help then I'm eternally grateful.
If you look online under uk warranty i think you can assume that it should last 5 years whether or not you had extended warranty.
As the item only lasted 18 months i beleive you can claim from the manufacturer.
So you should be covered as it should be expected to last longer.

Good Luck
Thanks for that, I'd been looking up sale of goods act stuff and was hoping I had some recompense. I'll look the warranty bits up later, I really can't afford to just go out and get a new tv especially as oh is away with mil until the hospital has more news.

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