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I like the red one but haven't got any pennies left, boohoo.
I have had a quick google and the cheapest I found on its own was about £113.
Problem is the printer will only print photos, whereas if you have an ordinary printer, it will likely print your photos just as good. In addition you would also likely need to buy special ink cartridges and paper, which will add to the cost later. I have a Kodak photo printer, but never use it now. As Deanos said, you could likely pick up a camera with similar specifications cheaper, minus the printer. Sorry to be such a misery on this. One further point, get a camera that is comfortable in your hand, I bought one that was too small, I kept putting my fingers over the lens!
Argos have this deal on now - cheap!!
We use this printer at work and its great!
Camera sounds good - think its 7MP!>7+DAY+MEGA+DEALS.htm

Which is out of stock in my local Argos!

icr24350: Dye sublimation printers are better just for photos as they last a lot longer than inkjets. I believe you just need to buy a "pack" which just slots in without any extra cartridges. You could get the same results with a good inkjet printer and good quality paper but then I have all singing and dancing printer which is hopeless at doing photos. Then again, a decent inkjet photo printer costs the same as a decent dye-sub! No real answer there :eek:
Its in stock in Peterborough, there are quite alot appeared on Ebay seems people have been buying to sell on
oh that a bit to far to travel i am in leeds never mind i always miss the bargains
Problem with Argos is they are having a sale in the run up to the launch of their new catalogue. A lot of stuff is unavailable at the moment. It can be a pain if you are really wanting something :mad:

these cameras are now in stock in most of the liverpool stores so maybe could be in other places!!

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