Calling Debbie Greenwood !


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Mar 28, 2009
Wirral/Cheshire border
Things must be really bad for the Greenwood/Coia household at the moment !, I have just been shopping in ASDA and a staff announcement came over the tannoy system for Debbie Greenwood to report to the customer service desk :grin::grin:, perhaps QVC are sending their presenters out for "training" or Debbie has a part time job :wink2::wink2:
How funny Scampdog. I wonder what they wanted her for. I would have lingered round the CS desk just to see what was going on.
Well many companies do outsource for training packages:thinking2: Maybe she's been norty and she's been sent to Asda:tongue2:
My bil has the same name as a famous singer/songwriter. When his secretary used to make his hotel bookings, they always asked if he was "the" ........... much to his annoyance:cool2: We torment the life out of him because of it:grin::grin::grin:
I always think Dawn Bibby looks like a Country and Western singer, or a line dancer.:giggle:

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