Butler and Wilson Competion


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so I guess if the KOKO venue has the stinky toilets, maybe they've got the vicki pollard as possible winner in mind...
KOKO?! Uber-chic???? It's a nice venue but it's really not all that!!

And the toilets stink - from a distance.

Too right, KOKO have some good bands on, but it's hardly the Ritz, in fact it's a bit grotty.:grin:
yep sounds like old simon is 'keepin' it real' for the punters (and probably plans a country house ball for the creme de la creme and his beloved Julia, doncha know).
Glad to see after contacting QVC, they now have a list of answers of which one of them is correct, the email I received on 29th October was

Which year did Butler & Wilson launch their mens' collection?

A. 1997
B. 1999
C. 1995

???? Well what can I say

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