Bruce Makowsky


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Susie Wusie

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Jun 24, 2008

Just read below, am l the only one who did not know about this relationship, l am amazed as BM bags are fab and imho KVZ bags are expensive tat.

Bruce Makowsky is not a newcomer to the industry by any means. He ran his own handbag company and was president of a major corporation where he developed the company into a $200 million business along with the design inspiration of his wife Kathy (of Kathy Van Zeeland fame).
I knew he was married to KVZ.

Funnily enough I really like his stuff (although don't own any) and I REALLY dislike hers.QVC could NEVER talk me into a KVZ bag...
Plus Tignanello come under their umbrella.

I agree with you both, B Mak yes, Tig yes, KVZ no way.
It's been mentioned a few times on the KVZ & BM hours. Not keen on the KVZ even when I first saw them in the malls in the US a lot cheaper.

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