BRAZILLIAN Paraiba on Rocks


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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
Heads up, folks - Coloured Rocks/Rocks TV have rings with Brazillian paraiba tourmaline!

Only smallish carat weights - mostly less than half a carat - but this is Rocks TV, but the prices seem fair. I have one in my basket currently - looked like a good neon colour when it came on air.
Actually I'm not sure if it is Brazillian - the description says Brazillian, but most of the gem details say Mozambique. Perhaps someone from Rocks can clarify whether any of the PTs are, in fact, from Brazil?
Not likely to be Brazilian - the mine stopped producing yonks ago.
Yep MissM it's Mozambique for some reason the details on my "magic box" have differing (correct) details against the info displayed on the website. Chloe noted the error and is looking to get it refreshed on the site. The colour in the PT is just amazing it was glowing in the dark corner of the studio before we presented it on-air! Barry has some further new pieces showing this evening and Jamie will be presenting a special PT and Diamonds hour over the weekend!

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