Bose - Don't Buy From QVC!!!!!


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Jul 24, 2008
Hi Guy's I just thought I'd let you all know I've been browsing Bose's own website as I was interested in the IPod portable docking speakers on last nights show and wanted some more info and was quite amazed to find that they have some incredible deals on their own site much better than QVC!!!!

For example there is a free ipod shuffle if you purchase the headphones with noise cancelling out as shown on last nights show, £40 off if you purchase the ipod portable speakers with the in ear headphones, plus you can pay over 4 installments if you as long as you spend over £275 plus 30 day trial starting 25th December so if you are not happy you can return the goods at Bose's expense!!

I'd seriously check them out if you are interested in any Bose products,
also, it is worth pointing out- bose are extremely quick to despatch and delivery (whereas qvc can be a bit hit and miss), bose are great with their cs (which qvc can be too, to be fair)...but, most importantly, there are loads of bose fakes out there, apparently - they are supposed to be very very good fakes so to be sure it is probably safest to order direct...

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