BOO!!!! Hee Hee, bet that scared you!!!


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Well thought I would pop in and say hi!! I have been without my trusty lappy for the last couple of has been to the Lappy Hospital and had major surgery on the Motherboard, but is all mended now..HOORAH!!!!!!!!!!

Was going to say hello to you all at Rocks, in fact once I got home with my darling Lappy, it was the first site I visited....only to find NO ROCKS TILL SATURDAY!!!!!!!!! NNNNOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shall just have to say a big old hello here instead I guess!!

Firstly, Argey, SSOO pleased to hear that you are on the mend and home! Have been worried about you, Doll!

Secondly, I have missed you all TERRIBLY and need to be told all the goss of everything that I have missed!!!

And finally a massive mammoth and enormous HAPPY HOLIDAYS (whatever it may be that you are celebrating, be it Yule, Honnekah, Christmas or Having a Few Free Days Off Work!!) and I hope you all have a marvellous time whatever you may be doing!!!!

See you all soon you Darling Rockaholics!!!!! xx it nearly Saturday yet???? :54:
Welcome back PrincessRacer, good to see you back. I'm sen-sational by the way in case you've forgotten! Have a Happy Christmas sweetie. :stars:
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Hi PR - glad lappys home and well. Missed your posts on rock chat !!!!!! Have a merry crimble and a stoatin hogmany xxx
:11: Look out troubles about! ..Hehe only kidding PR, you have been missed. Hope you have a sparkling Christmas..

Hugs from Tigerlily:1:
HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! Oh its good to see you all!!!!!!! Have discovered that a world without Rocks is not a good one...have had to take to drink to replace the addiction!!!!!

.....and what do you mean Trouble???? Am sweet angelic-ness personified!!!!! hee hee!!!
Lol!!! I have heard that rumour!!!! Will test it out on Saturday....crikey and I thought the countdown for Christmas was bad..this is ruddy torture!!!!!!! Have had to actually interact with real people and everything!!!!!!!!! :11:
Welcome back PR! Happy Christmas and a great new year to you! You have been missed!:ANYWORD:
It must be contagious PR, I've had problems with my pooter too, so not been on Rocks for about a week or so.

Merry Christmas to you and The Rok.!!

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36%252F36_1_39%2526uiv%253D3.0/image.gif"></a> Glad you're back and lappy is better, merry christmas, am also waiting for saturday and no more rellies lol
:1:Oh! there you are P R lol.....I was wondering where you were! I've not seen you for ages..:60:
I'm glad you are back with us I've missed you in the chat.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With love,
Mirabelle xxx:40:
could'nt think what was missing ???:33::33:
Oh yeah it was PR of course:1:
Welcome back see you saturday lol
hope you 've had a good crimbo xxx

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