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Nov 9, 2008
I dont normally buy BB from QVC, I think the prices are the same in the shops and theres no P&P to pay, however in a couple of weak moments I purchased the Bobbi Brown Mauve Collection and loved it so ordered the Diamond Colour Collection as well. (collections seemed better value somehow!)

Today, I went to the BB website to see what was on offer there and liked the look of the 6 palette that you could customise to your own taste (there was also 3 and 4 palette options available). You select the palette, then drag and drop from a colour chart the ones you like best.

The empty palette was 9.75, the 6 eyeshadows were 13.70 each. The grand total when I had finished.......91.99 plus 3.95 for standard delivery:53:.......for 6 shadows!!!!!!!

Think I will give that a miss :15:

You'd want to be made of money to pay that amount for eyeshadows :11:
Smashbox offers terrific value for money with their wonderful palette,available from Jayne :1:
You'd want to be made of money to pay that amount for eyeshadows :11:
Smashbox offers terrific value for money with their wonderful palette,available from Jayne :1:

:17: I know Marzy...........I tried to get the Ultimate Palette but it had sold out!!!!!! You have now re-opened old wounds :17: :3::4:

Yeh I know BB can be soooooooooooooooooo expensive! If anything I would try and buy one of their ready made up eye collections as they are cheaper but as compared to the one you can choose the eye shadows are smaller plus you get stuck with the colours they give you. I must say tho that you do get the full eye shadows for the palettes you make up, so could just buy one or two of the eyeshadows without the palette or you could see if you could buy them individually off ebay and then make it up at home!!

I signed up to the BB emails from her website and so get up dates and I did notice that it was way too much for me to afford!! : (

I like Bobbi Brown and Smashbox, but I do love MAC.

Its not so easy to get here, and I do wish QVC would stock it. Its one of the few eyeshadows that actually stays put on my eyes!

I agree about Mac eyeshadow. Great quality, goes on really smoothly, stays on, and under £10 a pop. Try it, you won't be sorry.
many thanksi think i like the sound of mac as i live near selfridges. is smashbox as good though as they do some nice kits on qvc?
Have never tried MAC but smashbox is lovely - give the tsv a try on Wednesday - you can always send it back if you don't like.
Mac have an online store for the UK

The stuff has gone up recently so the eyeshadows are now over a tenner. I really love their lippies. It is a brand you will never see on QVC, too many colour choices and also their matching system NW or NC . NW is cool toned and NC is warm.
I think the BB collections are the best value on QVC & too bought the cocoa mauve collection & it's gorgeous. I'm lucky enough to live near stores that carry BB but their individual items can stack up quite quickly if you get carried away!

However their concealer kits are to die for so I willingly pay for that & I also love their creamy lip colours. QVC don't carry a wide enough shade range for me on the individual itms as I am very fair in colouring.

Also, the thing most customers complain about with BB on QVC is the ridiculous amount of packaging the items come in - must be to justify the extortionate P&P charges!

Twinklette x

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