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Jun 24, 2008
Hi, I know QVC are out of stock of this at the moment but does anyone have it and is it worth getting. (it's quite expensive)
Do you meant the nude eye palette on its own? Or is it the two layer one, four eyeshadow and four lipsticks on the bottom?

She brings a new version of these every year, sometime a bit of shimmer sometimes slight various changes in a shade or texture.

I have the eyeshadow only one from the fiirst year it came out. If you wear nudes alot and will use them then yes, her stuff is really good quality. Usually one eyeshadow will be exclusive to the palette but the others you can buy individually. I do wear mine but have never hit pan bottom.

By the way you should checkout ebay as you can usually find them there. But study the photo etc carefully as a lot of fake stuff on their.

On the 30th May QVC US are having a Bobbi Brown TSV at $85, I have seen a photo of it and it is fanfastic. Two palettes and they are big one eyeshadows the other lipglosses/sticks, cheek colour and lipglaze plus brushes.

We will never get it.:31:
I got a Bobbi Brown nude eye palette at the outlet village in Biscester last week and it is nice. It is 'very' nude i.e. not shimmery and not lots of colour - but for everyday wear it is nice. It cost £20 but I think it only has 3 or 4 colours in. But this is still cheaper than qvc when you include the postage.
I've ordered the Nude on Nude eyeshadow palette. Bit pricey, but I want something subtle for my wedding makeup in July.

I also own the Tinted Balm and I LOVE it. It is very rich and give a very glowy moist finish so wouldn't be suitable for oily skin. But I love the way I never get that cakey look as with some foundations, but that it gives a little more coverage than most tinted moisturisers, which I never find give quite enough coverage. It has a very strong lavendary/essential oil scent though, which you will either love or hate. Price, but a jar lasts a long time.
I've got the nude on nude eyeshadow palette & it's great for everyday wear or if you like a very natural llok. It has no shimmer so good also if you like a matte eye look. The palette I love from Bobbi though is the shimmering nude palette - they never had this on QVC but was available on BB counters. It's a ltd edition but I know some stores still have it - it bought a second one as I never want to run out of it!

I ordered the mauve palette that's on the website. I saw it IRL last year & wished I'd bought it then, so quite pleased for once that QVC still have some of last year's collections!

Can highly recommend the rose sugar shimmer lipgloss too!

Twinklette x
The Nude palette is really excellent - it looks quite dull and samey but I was surprised how good the results were. The Bone colour goes on flesh-toned, not cream/white as it looks in the pan. The eyeliner brush is great; my upper lids have never looked so professional! I've used up all the Bone, so invested in the BB casing with space for six pans (House of Fraser sale) - I've added a new Bone, and will add the others as the original palette gets used up. Just one beef - the shades are really powdery; you have to be careful how you apply, and the palette gets quite messy.
Glad I've ordered the Nude on Nude thing now. I love my Smashbox Ultimate Palette, but I really wanted something without shimmer, so this sounds perfect.
Just one beef - the shades are really powdery; you have to be careful how you apply, and the palette gets quite messy.

This is the one thing, according to the reviews, that has put me off ordering this to try so far, several commented on the very dry, flyaway powdery texture!
(I've been trying more natural shades recently, being as my eyes are getting on a bit & this was on my shortlist but I'm still not sure? I've recently got the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes kit, which although quite shimmery, is easy to apply, non-messy & gives a nice finish if you want to look 'everyday pretty' but not particularly 'made-up'!)
It is quite good, I tried it a while ago and on my dry skin it was great

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