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Penny Pincher

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Nov 2, 2008
Been looking to buy a Shimoyo Rubelitte piece for a while now. Wanted it to be in white gold, and within budget.

Just put a lovely 18ct white gold Shimoyo ring in my basket for £299, great.
Straight to check out so I don't loose it...... seems you have to be a speed typer to have a chance of actually getting an item... by the time I put my details in, got the usual message, sorry this item is no longer available.

This is really not good enough and no way to treat your customers...ROCKS AND CO. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER....

Items either disappear before your eyes or don't pass final inspection... when are you going to sort this situation out ???
I've seen and personally had his happen to me many times before with Rocks&Co and is the reason i no longer by from them. Its obviously the person who " hands over the money" first that matters to them, regardless of how long they claim you have to check out basket items.
They have been repeating AGAIN, today that you must check out "right away" but that you have 24hrs to have it in your basket......... flippin' nightmare, I reckon!
Useless. One of the reasons I don't buy from them and won't buy from them.

Sorry Penny Pincher - it's pants isn't it? Take a look around the other channels, they've got some lovely Rubellite on there (that rivals Rocks and Co) or look on for a loose stone. I bought a kite shaped Rubellite from them (just under 3ct) and it beats any Shimoyo. Don't believe the hype behind the Shimoyo. Some of it is not great quality, some is lovely. I paid far far far less than Rocks and Co's exhorbitant prices.
There was another interesting thing Don Kogen said today about the Shimoyo:
He said that Tony Dinizfound it, bought it in a large lot and came to him (Don) saying ....... "I have all this and I can have it shaped cut and ready on your facility very quickly"..... or words very similar..... point is, Don was saying Tony was offering FON the stones to prepare and retail.... it was quite clear!
They have been repeating AGAIN, today that you must check out "right away" but that you have 24hrs to have it in your basket......... flippin' nightmare, I reckon!


was told these issues with net should have been fixed by March...not sure which year tho.....

time and time again too presenters tell you to buy online to beat the queues on the phones but to check out straight away....they dont tell you that you then pay p&p on it...that you dont get 1 p&p daily on web could cost you a fortune in p&p if you check out straight away to secure your item...

seems a bit of a con to me....
I think there have been countless delays on the new system which should prevent this happening, but it's been going on since the start of the falling auctions. For goodness sake, how long can it take to get a decent computer system/program in place so that your company runs properly? (You can probably tell I'm no software wizard!)
I think Tabs is spot on - whoever hands over the money first gets the item! They don't give a toss about anyone but themselves. I do not believe that they will change their systems, that's just more of the constant bu**shi* that they talk! Vote with your feet and buy from TJC - better quality by far.

Sorry you've been disappointed Penny Pincher.

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