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OMG that's so funny! It's a really really bad Stephen Webster rip off! Combining about 94 of his style ideas into one awful pair of earrings! lol!
:11: £412 for those? I wouldnt have given £4.12p for that tack:23:

I think if they'd been £4.12, I'd have bought them and got my local jeweller to remove the SKULLS!

Skulls or no skulls, though, £412 is seriously overpriced compared with some of the other channels.
I'm amazed they went for £412 -that's serious money. £4.12 would be ok, could wear them to a fancy dress party.
I agree MissM, I really don't understand why a "jewellery channel" would make a otherwise quite nice pair of earrings look so cheap with the skulls attatched, beggars belief to my mind.
The skull thing is a big Theo Fennell trend but these just looked ridiculous. :YIKES: :pPC:
Theo Fennell's skulls are dramatic and wow and beautifully crafted, even if they're not to my taste.

I think these might possibly have been better if they had just been the gold skulls drops ??
They were on again last night with Derek (also sold for £412!!).:11: Looked to me like he could hardly keep a straight face when he was saying this particular design had been much talked about, not only in the studio but "on a place where people talk about their jewellery".

Wonder where he meant:33:

whilst I admire contempory design I really think these earrings are poorly done, anyone in their right mind would get those bits taken off the bottom and possibly melted down! if there is anyone out there who can afford to pay £412 for them well, good luck to you! :52:

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