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Jul 29, 2008
Plant earth....I think!
Having had a bissell carpet cleaner for some time (got it on amazon £20 cheaper that IW) I had been buying the regualr solution from IW at £25 inluding postage. As it usually takes the 3 bottles to clean all of my carpets I was looking for a less expensive detergent.

While shopping at Morrisons I was looking at the rugdoctor solution and it looked good and was much much cheaper. You can use it with any carpet cleaner, so I got a 4ltr bottle for £14.99.....and it was p&p FREE.....:4:

150ml gives you 9ltr of solution and it is much more effective than the IW gear.

I used about 1tr of the stuff, so still have enough to do my carpets another 3times...:11::11:

It works out about £4.00 per clean instead of £25.00 from IW.:9::9:

My wife was so pleased with the nice clean carpets she rushed up stairs to change into something....well more relaxing, I was so excited...:32::32:

As I lay on the sofa with great anticipation for my just rewards....she came down with her coat on, saying she was off to her friends to tell her the good news.......WOMEN:30:
I just use the vax carpet machine shampoo which you can get for a few quid in any supermarket or even b & q.

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