Beyond the Gnome


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must admit I did tune in to see what it was, even if I did switch off after about thirty seconds............
There's a very gnome featured bloke who does electronics shows too.....has a vile little goatee type thing stuck on his mush.....oh whatsisname?? :confused: :pPC:
I bought some of these - from a garden centre a few days ago and have to say they are absolutely beautiful. Much, MUCH nicer than they appear on tv.

I've got them on a patio with a couple of architectural plants in teal blue metallic planters and the colours and reflections in the bubbles are gorgeous!!

At night, you can put big church candles into them and throw off an amazing amount of light.

I've also got some smaller one that you hang from your parasol that I've put tealights into that makes it feel as if you're on holiday in the evening!

So I highly recommend them - if you like a 'Zen' feel, these are for you! :D
well I watched the first 15 Min's and gave up did I miss any thing?? From what I saw it was just more "tat" for the dogs to destroy or to frighten away the birds!!
Brilliant name - shame about the products.

Most of the items looked like a cross between wind chimes, tibetan prayer flags and an explosion in a glass factory.

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