Better than George Clooney, chocolate & rock n' roll!


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I've done it again!
Jun 24, 2008
... well, maybe not ...;)

I’d promised a couple of FFs that I’d post my birthday pressie. So here goes ...
My hubby bought me this. Bless him, he was planning on going into a jewellery shop in the High Street and buying me a bracelet as a surprise. I managed to convince him I’d rather choose something myself and get a better price and errmm, I’m not sure he would have chosen exactly what I would have wanted! lol

Somebody beat me to it the first time this pendant was on air – grrrrrrr. :( Then by chance a couple of weeks later I happened to see it again late one night and this time managed to get it for a lot lower than what it had previously sold for – wohoo! God bless you Rod Jinks! :D

The colour is a very deep royal blue/purple. This one wasn’t mined in the foothills of ‘Everest’:D and is clear as a bell. I’m seeing a lot of pink flashes when the lights are on and the diamonds are a good quality too. I'm a very happy camper!

I’ve been soooooo bad lately though. Can you all please make room for me back up on that wagon now!

Most definitely better than chocolate and rock & roll but the George Clooney bit I'm struggling with! :D

Actually I've been lucky enough to see this IRL and I can tell you I've got complete and utter Tanzy envy. The colour and saturation are out of this world and it's stunningly drop dead gorgeous! These pieces don't come along too often and when they do ............... phew!

It couldn't have a nicer home Melusina! Enjoy wearing it (and if you take it off be prepared I may be doing a sneak thief attack)!!!

M x
Wow, Thats one gorgeous birthday present you have there Melusina! Stunning, truly stunning. Enjoy wearing that beauty x
That is absolutely gorgeous Melusina, rarely have I seen such a beautiful piece and if it has Meesh's blessing, it really must be quite something!
However, .......better than George Clooney???? :confused: I'm afraid the beauty of the stone must have frazzled your brain a little - hope you recover soon! :)
Unlike some presenters I don't use this word lightly but Melusina - that is STUNNING
3D Smiles (60).jpg

Who needs George Clooney when you've got a lovely hubby like yours?!!
3D Smiles (294).jpg

Hope you have/had a lovely Birthday
3D Smiles (199).jpg
Absolutely bluddy stunning.

Give George the heave ho, no comparison.

What a lovely hubby you have, do you rent him out?

Hope you have/have had a lovely birthday.
I'm with you Melusina, that is one seriously gorgeous hunk, and beats a quick roll with Gorgeous George any day, the chocolate will only make you fat, and the rock'n'roll will make you deaf!!!. Besides, he'll probably get bald and paunchy, but that beauty will always retain it's stunning appearance. Wear it in good health and enjoy!

that is ST.............. (thinks again) ..................ST (no, this is not working, am a presenter, we are programmed this way..........................ST (watch out below)..............................

STANDOUT BEAUTY - very very nice indeed - what a birthday I can imagine it was

Thank you all for your lovely comments. My 'thanks' button disappeared - what happened? Anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes too. It was a couple of weeks ago, and I did have a great day thanks. Derek, after getting such a luverly pressie, my hubby thought it was his birthday too!


I guess I'll just be content to drool. I wouldn't swap my OH even for George - after all the poor guy has to put up with me and my gems obsession! lol

mmmm and that is very funny D-DIDDY!

At least you didn't say it was DE........ DE....... DE....... no, it's no good, I can't say it

.... ok I'll try again ....... DE ... DE ... DELICIOUS


and you already know just how GORGEOUS I think it is Melusina! thanks for the preview (now where's the ring!!)
WOW what a stunning piece, im not surprised you're a happy camper im sure you'll enjoy wearing it. As for room on the wagon, you can have my seat, im well and truly rolling off it at the moment lol
An absolutely stunningly beautiful pendant, Melusina!

You must be a wonderful wife!!! :D

Now ...... have you a ring you want to share with us? :)

And belated birthday greetings, appears it was a lovely day for you and your husband! ;)
I've enjoyed reading through this thread - that's a fabulous piece of jewellery to die for Melusina - and the piccies of the gorgeous Clooney himself are an added bonus. What more could a girl want?!

Chocolate and Melusina's pendant!

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