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I agree it is like comedy, they will put too much ingrediants in a sandwich lets say for a sandwich toaster machine, and say, well thats how i like em, even though the thing wont close, cause theyve overfilled it. And the way they often go completely off topic, when they are selling a item, but they seem a good tightnit group, who actually seem to enjoy there job.

Presenter i like the most for selling is Kev and because what she look liek Gemma
Why is it that every thing they sell cant be just really good but really really really good so f~~~ annoying.
I know! they are really funny. mot sure if they even intend to be funny but it's kinda cute to see how much fun they are having on the show. I always enjoy watching it even though they always end up talking about something completely off topic.
I only discovered it a few weeks ago, and I really enjoy it, far more than Q.

You get far more variety eg tablets, tumble fryers, TV's etc, although I don't see it often enough to know if they keep repeating the same items. This is because it doesn't start until 6pm, when I like to watch the news, one show, etc.

BTW how does their DOD start at 3pm, when they are off air at that time?

And I've noticed they've gone off-air at 11pm in mid sentence!
When the channel first started, they used to launch there Deal of the Day live at 3pm, during a 2 hour live segment called Afternoon Live, I think that show disappeared earlier on in the year, and has been replaced with 15 minute segments on one item during the day. When they started they had themed hours, ad on a weekend, there hours would be with there Resident guests, Caroline Milli Artis, Tim Goodwin, Gavin Lowe, and a toys expert called Ella something.

But it seems to have changed to 15 minute segments, I couldn't tell u what is live anymore if any.

There Deals of the Day, seem to be as predictable as IW's Pick of the Days, Exercise equipment about twice a week, Karcher window vac, Dyson Vacumn cleaners, Vax Cleaners, all equipment which Simon Isles, says is the best, isn't that Bissell Simon

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