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Jul 22, 2009
Anyone heard any sneaky hints as to what's on tonight? Saw Vicki with 2 envelopes so know it's 2 different themes. Missed last nights I was so busy laughing with the F.A.R.T.S. on here. Someone said on here today I didn't miss much so (FARTS) did their job last night. Give us a shout on here if there's any hint of silver or diamonds, I'm not at all interested in either- sorry diamond & silver lovers!

Just to be nosey, does anybody know why Vicki calls herself Carr again instead of Brown?
I thought Vicki always did continue to call herself Carr when she got married - perhaps to distinguish her from the "queen of sparkle" on TJC?
under £40 for an hour........ rolling out the... mozam abd rhod garnets, the amblygonites, the smokey quartz and amethysts.... think that should cover it. zzzzzzz

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