Been charged P&P for Dell TSV


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Jul 1, 2008
South Yorkshire
Guess wot folks ! Just checked my account on the TSV I ordered yesterday and I've been charged £58.00 postage :11: Rung up to find that "it's a Finance mistake" but they can't simply refund as it's still sitting in a pending tray on my CC account! If they refund the whole lot (£200+) and request the new payment (£149) the bank may possibly take 2 amounts :26: so as I daren't risk that, I've got to wait until Dell tell QVC it's ready for despatch, QVC will then take the money from the "pending tray" and refund at the exact same time (in theory). Meanwhile, there's £58 on my CC that I can't touch.

I did ask why they'd taken the postage in the first place as it was FREE P&P across all options, and she didn't know!

Do they know anything then????

PS: I asked what compensation was due for their clanger - answer - none, as they're fixing it!

Not happy. Hope this is not a sign of things to come:31:

PS: I suggest anybody else that has ordered this item check their account, as I did hear the operator say there'd been another complaint about charge of postage.

Oh that's terrible :( A classic case of the left hand not talking to the right
I had the same problem a few months back when I was charged P&P when they said it was free.
Took about a month, but I did get it put back onto my credit card.
You should make sure you are not charged interest on the credit card - if so - claim it back from them.

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