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<img src="/images/rocksadvisor.gif" border="0" alt="Rocks Advisor" title="Rocks Advisor" hspace="4" align="right" />Imagine earning commission by simply showing off your jewellery collection. Imagine having more time with your family, or working from home. Imagine being your own boss and demonstrating something that once shown, literally sells itself. Imagine the satisfaction of being able to give unrivalled value to your friends, relatives and colleagues, at prices far less than the high street and earning a good living for yourself at the same time.<br /><br />Becoming a Rocks Advisor can make this a reality by allowing you to easily earn commission by demonstrating our gorgeous gemstone jewellery.<br /><br />The RocksAdvisor preview site is now live and you will be able to sign up as a Rocks Advisor from 4pm Wednesday 1st April, For more details, please visit <a href=""></a>.
Hi everyone, just letting you know that the sign up page for Rocks Advisor has now been opened up.

Kind regards

John Bennett

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