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Jun 24, 2008
Beauty Case Organiser with 3 Compartments & Strap by Lori Greiner
Item Number: 829884
QVC Price £17.75
Super Bargain Price £14.67
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UK P&P £4.45

Keep all your best beauty buys organised with this stylish beauty case from Lori Greiner. It has three compartments to make sure every item is accessible and organised, as well as a built-in cosmetics case on one side, credit card and ID holders, a coin purse, a large storage area and a clear window. It comes with an adjustable detachable shoulder strap, measuring about 69cm - 137cm (27 - 54"), letting you wear it over your shoulder as well. Bag measures about 24cm x 14cm x 9cm (9.5" x 5.5" x 3.5"). Shell: manmade materials, lining: 100% cotton twill.
thats a nice looking organiser

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When you look at the video, it's tiny!!!

I would never get all my lotions and potions plus make up in that if I was going away for a weekend!!!
I thought the same too - it is way too small - I carry more than that day to day in my handbag:lol:

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