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This has pi$$ed me right off this morning. :mad: I placed a bid last night at midnight and have received an email this morning to say the item has been shipped already.:HUMP: It's narked me for two reasons - firstly because it negates GEMS claim that you can place multiple orders within a 24 hour period and pay just one shipping charge and also because I needed to change the delivery address and now that will involve phoning CS, holding on for ever and then still not getting the delivery actioned correctly.....I know this for a fact as I've been down this path before and it never works despite their waffle that they will send an email to DPD etc etc etc. :mad: They will get round this rapid shipping thing by saying that orders need to be placed within a 24 hour period of 8am - 8am but that is just avoidance bullsh*t as far as I am concerned and if that's the case why don't their presenters make that very clear when using it as a sales hook?? :mad: :pPC:
Yes Pinkpussycat,I've noticed this too,however they used to refund within a couple of days now it more like a week plus,seems to me they want our money as quickly and for as long as possible.
After bidding successfully for an item...TV or Web.....I tend to delay checking out the goods until I know when a
likely delivery will be. But very recently, placing orders and them being shipped has been a few days apart!

Checking the DPD link in the past, they don't usually get customer data until late afternoon and don't collect until then...
as far as I know. So presumably your package will still be in Gems despatch area Sue?
I made the fatal mistake of using option 3 Sacha because I wasn't logged on and although convenient for snatching quickly, it also fast tracks the checkout, but even so they should allow some leeway to add other items to the order and honour the 24 hour purchasing window imo. :( :pPC:
Ah I wondered if you'd used the phone option. Trust them to be so quick off the mark on this occasion ........
when you weren't fussed! :28: my experience....orders which just have the standard shipping costs tend to be held back, but do have the flexibility
of being added to for some time after....which I like!

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