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Jun 29, 2008
I've been keeping my eye open for the turquoise rings that were highlighted in the new items thread and they're here in the shop today :). The great thing is they are all at super low prices £20 to £28 :D. I noticed the last time a turquoise ring was in the shop it came in at £20 but after it aired and sold for £35 the shop price then went up to £40! So if you want some bargains get in there quick :).
Just looked into the shop again to see if there were anymore turquoise items...I was totally shocked to see the prices today. The ring I put in my basket yesterday for £20 is now £56 :eek:. Hope people took advantage of yesterday's heads up because I don't think they'll even go that low during the live auctions.
Woa! Well done you. That's a bargain. What a huge jump in the shop price. Hope you love your ring when you get it.:)
That's just ridiculous! Obviously they can sell them at £20 so why the heck are they now pricing them at nearly treble that!! I'm so sad that Gems seem to have gone money mad. I used to love that channel but by putting the ridiculous prices on their shop items and introducing that dreadful timer all they've done is alienate a lot of their loyal customers. I was sent a survey invitation earlier this week and one of the questions was "would you recommend Gems TV to your friends?" Where I would previously have said yes without any hesitation I said No this time. When asked for the reason for my decision I said "due to the introduction of that ridiculous timer".

Well done on getting your ring at the cheaper price Huggles.
Thanks Glitzy and Klosblue, I should have retitled this thread 'Bargains in Turquoise...NOT' :eek:

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