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Now a Gran to Olivia May
Jul 4, 2008
East Anglia
Have attached two pictures of my delivery today

5 items all silver:
Gents citrine ring.LC165
Silver Watch with white topaz,MW449.
Peridot ring,NA691.
Smokey Quartz earrings, RA007.
Garnet earrings,RA316

Total including postage £49.95 a real bargain cos they are gorgeous.:ANYWORD:
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lovely haul DG, I also received the garnet earrings today, and they are fab.

Wow, I don't know how you do it DG, but you got yourself some fantastic prices!:yeah: I love your Garnet earrings too. I'm glad to hear they're a lovely colour because I have some Garnet earrings coming tomorrow in the snowflake design. Enjoy wearing them all. :)
:)only just popped in for a quick look and seen your super haul of goodies well done you certainly got some bargains
Just bought a diamond ring ,absolutely thrilled 1 and a half Carats. Hubby says its my wedding anniversary present

He spoils me :ANYWORD:
Very well done DG, you've got this jewellery shopping business down to a fine art!

Lovely haul of goodies, particularly like the watch and now you've got a whopper of a diamond ring......:mysmilie_735.gif:

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Saw you win that ring - its gorgeous! Well done and happy anniversary!!:D:D

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