Bare Escentuals on QVCUS, 8th November


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Sep 4, 2008
N Ireland
This looks like a fantastic kit from Bare Escentuals and it's on Easypay and Auto Delivery too!

What are the chances that we will be getting this kit in the UK, and at such a good price?

I can never get these US links to work, the site is at and the number is A84315.
It does look lovely Calvin.

I have a feeling we won't get that at that price......!

Ali x
Its gorgeous.Just had a look.In answer to your question,probably zero chance of us getting it over here and even if we did it would be miles more expensive!
Wish I had a friend in USA!
I have a few bits from that kit the liner and face radiance are both gorgeous! If we don't get this maybe we will get one of the AD's in some form ... fingers crossed.
Don't know if theres someone brave out there who wants to try this service out, but this thread reminded me of an article I read in the Sunday Times mag last week.

There is a site called which provides you with an American address, which you use when buying from US websites that don't ship internationally and they then forward them on to you! Getting an account is not free but worth it according to the columist.

OK so I have no idea whether it works for QVC USA but it sounded realy interesting and worth further investigation, and I ment to share it last week, but forgot until now.

The article is an extract from a book called The Thrift Book: Live well and spend less by India Knight

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