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Jul 23, 2018
Brandizzo, Italy
I always enjoy the cooking shows and when I see the baking trays, I'm usually tempted to buy, but then I think of the baking tray I inherited that must be 70 or more years old. It's blackened with age and badly warped, but if I put a piece of greaseproof paper on top of it, nothing sticks and the heat is uniform all over, so the biscuits are evenly browned on the bottom. Why fix it if it ain't broke?!!
I like that attitude, Grizelda. I have a small sharp knife which my mum had for years and when the handle (Bakelite?) snapped in the middle, my dad sanded the rough end down and rounded it off and they carried on using it. I love it! It just feels right in my hand and I use it most days. I have no interest in a shiny new one.
I bought a couple of the old black enamelled (with little white dots in the enamel) around 22 years ago from a local Wlikos. They are still both as good as new and my go to for the oven (still not got round to getting an air fryer, must be in the minority!) I'm sure they only cost a couple of quid and have outlasted all other baking/roasting trays. If they're looking a bit grotty I just stick a bit of Oven Pride on and they look like new in a few hours. I've not seen any like them for a while.
I haven’t used my main oven for two years but the roasting and baking tins I’ve got are lined with silicon sheets so nothing sticks.
Have the silicon sheets lasted or have you had to replace them?
They’ve lasted so far although, as I said earlier, I haven’t used my main oven for two years but they were used regularly before then. I bought a roll ages ago from QVC, rather than pre cut ones. I cut the roll to fit on the bottom of the oven and also to line trays. Although they are slightly discoloured now they are really easy to clean.

I also use silicon liners in my air fryers.

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