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Sep 9, 2008
Hi everyone..a little bit of advice would be appreciated!!

I wondered if anyone had had any success with products for the under eye particular the dreaded eye bags.

I'm only in my early 20's but have become slighty paranoid about them and wondered if there are any products you think I should try from QVC.

I've tried BeneFits oh la lift but wasn't overly impressed and used to quite like Tova's eye lift but haven't seen it for a while!

Thanks guys! xx
I'm in my 20s too (at the wrong end of my 20s though!) and I get on well with benefits Depuffing eye gel. Ooh la lift is more of a cosmetic, this gel is more of a treatment. I'm not sure if QVC sell it or not, but you could always ask for a sample at a benefit counter if you have one, they're usually really good at letting you try things out.

Decleors hydratenseur (or something near to that spelling!) is a favourite of mine. It does a bit of everything but it is very light. My eyes have a tendancy to go a bit puffy if I overload them, but this never causes me problems. It's not the cheapest product, but you don't need to use it all of the time (I use it for a month then stop for a while) so it works out quite economical.
I agree with Philosophy Girl, Hydrotenseur is very good. However i recently bought a sample of the Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye gel and it is FAB. It is expensive tho, but you need the tiniest amount. Not even "a grain of rice" :D amount, i'd say half. If you can find a sample size i'd certainly recommend it. :D
Thanks philosophy girl and miniminx - I've never tried decleor so I think I'll give that one a go first!! Thanks Guys!!! :D:D
According to Gok's testers and the cosmetic dermatologist they featured, NOTHING works as well as surgery!
Oooh that bliss might be worth a least until payday and then i'll have a look at the decleor.

Hmmm mediastar..don't think I'm quite ready for surgery just yet, I might have to resign myself to the fact that I'm always going to look a little bit tired! hehe!

Thanks all, xxx
Benefit erase paste is supposed to be good

Benefit Erase paste is awesome! I have LOADS of concealers from all the big names, but after having a makeover at a Benefit counter I just had to buy this as it really is the best yet. Great coverage & the best staying power. It is just a concealer though. My weakness is dark circles as I have very pale skin so it's a godsend, but I couldn't tell you how useful it is with bagginess... I suppose though that a product that gives you an even skintone under the eye without crunkling up makes any eye problem look better.:1:
According to Gok's testers and the cosmetic dermatologist they featured, NOTHING works as well as surgery!

I've been trying eye exercises but my son thinks I've lost the plot when he walks in and catches me gurning :52:
I have to put in a word for Gatineau Defilift. It seems expensive at first glance but you only have to use the tiniest amount. A full pump from the bottle is too much so it lasts for ages and it works. Don't expect an instant miracle but after about a month you should see an improvement.

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