B. Makowsky TVS 13-12


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Jun 24, 2008
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Jan told me the other day that there would be a B. Makowsky TVS in mid december. Yesterday i trawled over at QVC US and saw their makowsky tvs. i hope its the same one as it looks gorgeous!!!! and in so many colours .i doubt if we will get them all (it seems we never do) but i think thats a good thing for me as i wanted about 5 colours yestereday lol a matching purse was also introduced.

This was the TVS

and it was being sold for roughly 115 pounds. As an extra incentive it was being hawked with free p&p AND 5 easy pays.

jan i couldnt wait and i ordered a bag the night before i saw the US tvs... oops! lol
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Ooh, Jan, a black leather handbag finished with goldtone hardware!!!!

I like this one which seems to be the same as our June TSV but with 2 extra zipped front pockets which I think are a welcome addition to the version we got!

I noticed that there are a lot more colour options for our old TSV although they haven't updated if they have stock of these "new" colours yet. I wonder if it's going to be a repeat TSV with a wider choice of colours? :thinking2:
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There does seem to be a huge list of colours for the old TSV but I will be disappointed if they repeat it. As a big fan of Makowsky bags I would like to see something new in a wide colour choice. The US site has a much larger range than we do and prices are far better. Even allowing foir import tax we have to pay a lot more. I can't really justify buying another bag so I'm hoping it will be naff but IMO Brucie's bags are rarely that, they ooze quality and the leather is as soft as they claim. So close to Christmas too.. :tantrum:

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