AY telling porkies again regarding sizing


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Jun 24, 2008
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There is aPhilosophy show on right now, and AY is claiming that the mimosa SG is full size, at 236 ml...
The full size SG is 473ml!

Is this a new selling technique of QVC or tdo they think we all have become garden gnomes and indeed 236 ml would be a full size SG?

Even the tiny Purity is full sz for AY...

This is unexcusable and false advertisement!!:HIT:
this AY thing is getting too much...she is very comfortable in her throne...maybe we should take steps collectively to raise the issue with qvc?
I did hear her say about the purity that it was a full size retail product, although QVC did sell it in other sizes. I thought she must have been told about being accurate about the sizing.

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