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Jun 24, 2008
Did anyone buy one these the shower heads they sold on qvc a few years ago? Mine has broken and I am trying to get another but had no luck. Does anyone remember the brand name of them or have you seen them on sale anywhere else? Any help would be much appreciated.
If it is the same one as I'm thinking of I would love to know too as I missed buying one when they were on QVC and haven't seen them anywhere else Was it the one that you could adjust the height easily as it had a couple of hinges?
Thankyou Pinkmoon for your reply and info unfortunately the one you found is not what I want. I agree with SheilaJ it is a great shower but I can't find one anywhere and it is the one with the double bracket as Sugarplum said.
there is one on ebay but its auction not buy it now and from a private seller
I have just spoken to my sister who also has one of these showers and guess what she had the paperwork she got with it. I have now sent an email to their customer services and fingers are crossed for a reply from them. Thanks everyone for your input.

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