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Nov 4, 2008
I was saving the details of Item No.829694 (Vacuum lids) as a new Microsoft Word Document, something I often do. I was amazed to find that, when I checked that it had been saved ok, it seemed to include some of their Terms and Conditions. After the explanation of Advanced Orders there is a section on "As Is" products. I have tried to copy and paste it into this but it won't work. It mentions that they may be returns, they may not be in their original condition or packaging but may be repackaged and that the manufacturer's warranty does not apply although QVC's original returns policy applies.
I don't know how this appeared as I was only copying and pasting the item number's web page and I have tried to find it on their site but can't.
Do you think that it only refers to stock in their outlet shops?

I would really like to know how it came to be included in the Word Document or where it is on their website. Can anyone who knows more about computers tell me?
What's an ‘As is’ product?
‘As is’ products are products which are not in their original manufactured condition or packaging. Our ‘As is’ products may be returns from other customers, or come from discounted ranges.
On occasions we will repackage ‘As is’ products.
A product's original manufacturer warranty no longer applies when it becomes an ‘As is’ product.
Our standard customer returns policy continues to apply to all ‘As is’ products.

Cutted and pasted ;) using Open Office Writer (I can't/won't stretch to Microsoft Office and am a reformed character re cracks).

I think it just applies when they sell "As is" products, which would be described as such.

Just goes to show how we don't know what's actually on a web page - a lot more than we can see because of html! I can't see which link covers that info.

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Thanks Clemenzina.
I had never heard of Open Office but I have looked it up now and it sounds really impressive. The fact that you managed to cut & paste the bit that I couldn't with MS Word shows that it has advantages. Have you been using it for long and have you had any problems with it? You obviously know much more more than I do about computers. I had no idea that html can hide parts of a page and I give up trying to find out what "cracks" are. Can you enlighten me about that?
Back to the subject. Do they have "As Is" products on the internet or on their TV programmes? I have never come across them which is why I thought it maybe just applied to the Outlet shops.
i think "as is" means seconds or qvc uk clearance.

it may ring a bell to those customers who get bits and bob's in their qvc handbags. :thinking2:
I had never heard of Open Office... Have you been using it for long and have you had any problems with it?
Used it for years. It's "made" by Sun Microsystems and is a free suite of applications that is compatible with and can replace Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc), which costs hundreds of pounds :( It is slower than MS, especially to open. A small price to pay in my case cos I don't use it enough to lose patience ;)

what "cracks" are. Can you enlighten me about that?

I'm not very knowledgable and I'm using words in the following statement very loosely indeed:

People write software that can "unlock" a program so that you can use it without paying for it. These cracks are available from sites on the internet that you may have good cause to regret visiting, IYKWIM :whew2: In the case of Microsoft operating systems and applications, you can get serial numbers that MS hasn't yet twigged as being illegitimate - but it's not nice when they do ;)

People who cannot afford to pay for expensive software should find free alternatives, of which, as you have seen, there are good ones :)

For a short while, QVC UK sold "as is" computers. They were never presented on TV but you could get themm through the web
If you click on View on the Menu Bar then select Source you will get a pop up will the full html, line 469 from that item is the As Is text.

Never knew that they intentionally sold returns, thought this had always been denied (even though we know they do).

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