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Jun 24, 2008
Just noticed from the TV Guide that there is an hour of Arran Aromatics on Thursday 16th of October at 4pm.

Think they used to be on IW but not 100% sure.

I used to like one called After The Rain.

It will be interesting to see what stuff they have.
They always have Arran Aromatics in TK Maxx, I end up buying it for teachers presents.

Yes Helen,they always have loads of AA in our TK Maxx too.
I remember Dunnes Stores selling it several years ago,too & I bought some when they sold it off at knockdown prices.
I've never heard of it. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence when it is being sold cheap in other stores - would rather have Molton Brown back!
QVC are starting to sell a lot of products also sold in TKMaxx....
They had Arran Aromatics in a hotel I stayed in - cant remember which now - but they were absolutely gorgeous - the soap, bath gel, shampoo, conditioner - all of them.
Will def be buying!

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