are we being duped by ali young


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Jul 18, 2008
sorry if this has been told before BUT......the other day ali young [ who by the way if she told had me to plaster my face with dog doodoo & my wrinkles would disappear i would have believed every single word out of her mouth :]....said " those of you on shift work".....then said........ looking up heavenly to the gallery......that will have earned me 62p .....PLEASE dont shoot me if i got the numbers 57p.....BUT she did say "now that ive mentioned shift workers i shall get paid xxp" does that mean every TSV, every item that she can shift & prise our hard earned money from our little fingers she gets paid by what shes said......that being so ..makes sence that all the presenter saying ive placed my order for this etc etc etc & cant live without my xxxxxxx or my xxxxxxxx....BUT as sure as the light will come through my wondows in the morning she said that.........hey ho......:33:
I never believe a word any of them say, at the end of the day the want you to buy things, no matter how carp and stupid. Thats their job.

Yes we are being duped by them all.
OH YES............

But through this Forum by all the girls talking about the products that are sold on and off QVC, and our individual experiences with a product, we have become much more knowledgable and savvy about our purchases and what AY drones on about.....
I never believe a word any of them say , I look at the product and make up my own mind whether I want it or not .I wasted too much money in the early days believing all the hype they spout , I even wonder if AY is a make-up expert some of her make-up demonstrations have been terrible !!!! At the end of the day they are just sales people ,no matter how deluded some of them are lol
i don't think AY is a make-up expert - i have been amazed over how dreadful some of her demos are...but i think her focus is skincare, not cosmetics...i think!
How can we believe what she says as she says that the product she is talking about at the moment is essential and the best thing for your eyes then the next day she will be saying the same about another product. How can they all be the best??? If we believe her we would have so many products in our cupboards....... Oh just realised that I do!

The good thing is with the 30 day guarantee if something is really crap we can send it back - whereas if you buy something in a store you are stuck with it.
Her job is to flog whatever she's asked to - and that's what she does. She may not get commision but she probably gets loads of 'pressies' from those she favours most...Decleor and Gatineau spring to mind - and I do not mean free product.
i stopped believing her years ago...

i used to use gatineau... and show after show she would be there with andrew saying "such and such a size / set is a qvc exclusive - we can can quarantee you can not buy it anywhere else etc..."

but i live in a small market town... and a shop in town magically sold said sets / sizes infact they had a huge display in their window complete with huge cardboard display advertsing said items... (obviously an official gatineau display - not something done by the shop...) i just felt if she could lie about that she could lie about anything...
Stopped their body products 3 years ago - I had that stockpile that we are encouraged to acquire.

I started to put the bath products together, then makeup items, and then skincare products together. This is what stopped me buying more of them. I had never realised how much I had bought, as it was scattered around the house.

My weakness now is nail polish, but it is too expensive on QVC and nothing outstanding so I shop elsewhere :)
Her job is to "Flog" what ever the powers that be tell her, and of course what ever it is it will be the best, most exclusive,or what ever. And yes on the next show the best, most exclusive,or what ever will apply to that item or range.
The good thing is with the 30 day guarantee if something is really crap we can send it back - whereas if you buy something in a store you are stuck with it.

But send too much back and you get The Letter telling you off! Not had one yet but it's only a matter of time!
I admit, when I first started watching QVC 4 yrs ago, I DID fall for a lot of the patter. But having tried some of these 'miracle' products, most of which were no better than the high st brands Ms Young detests, I've stopped buying as I've found a skin care brand that works for me and I am going to stick with it. The only thing I cannot resist is Smashbox but I think I am going to have to stop buying that soon because I have piles of the stuff and if I live to be a 100, I'll probably never use it all. And I'd probably not say no to another Philosophy Graces TSV ...:54:

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