Are Birkenstock comfy to wear?


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Apr 16, 2009
Near Newcasle U Tyne
After reading all through the Birkenstock thread - thanks for the great read girls - I was wondering if they are comfy to wear as I fancy the TSV tomorrow? I have some flyflot's which are soo comfy so was wondering if these are the same?
I have tried them but didnt find them comfy at all, I really percevered(sp) but couldnt put up with them.
Think it may be my feet though as I have a low arch or something like that :thinking2:

I am sure there are loads of folks who love them though, they are just not suitable for my feet
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I adore them, but can't buy from QVC as they insist on mainly stocking the narrower footbed. The only problem I have is the transition back to normal, more elegant shoes! They feel alien after Birkenstocks.
I find them great as does my mother. Since "the illness" my feet are bony for want of a better word, much of the padding has gone and they feel impact. I also have a high instep. I find the birkenstocks excellent, I don't even need time to break them in, I'm just glad I tried them, and I take the narrow version which is all qvc sell. My mother is a heavy lady and her feet swell badly particularly in warm weather. She finds them great and doesn't wear any other brand in the summer. I think they improved her posture too.
I gave in last summer and bought a pair and, to be perfectly honest, I just can't get used to them at all.

Like Bluebell, it may just be my feet! I have quite broad feet and so bought mine from Amazon as they had a wide fitting pair in their sale so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try them. I persevered and wore them round the house but they were so uncomfortable that they have lived in the cupboard ever since!

I can't find anything as comfortable as Hotter for summer shoes. A lot of their styles are a bit old fashioned but some of their summer mules are fine.
I find them crippling. Have one pair and I keep 'trying' to like them, but just end up with blisters and very sore feet.:thinking2:
They take a while to break in -but if you have been used to flyflots you will prob hate them as they are really hard on the foot for a couple of weeks

I love them! The first hint of summer and it's on with my birkenstocks and there they stay till I give in to the winter weather. It took me a week or so to get used to them, but once I did I really don't think anything could be comfier. I have a very high instep which suits them perfectly. Give them a go!!!
I love them but it does depend on the style and position of the straps. I had ankle surgery in February and have a damaged tendon holding up my arch and I started wearing my Birkenstocks again about a month ago, I can shop in them all day and they are fine. You do have to break them in a bit though. If you are fine in flats you should be ok.
I like them, but only wear them inhouse, garden and on holidays. Only have 2 pairs of them.
They keep your feet cool in summer and support your feet well. I will not wear them around town, work or shopping, but I really dislike all kinds of flipflop worn at imo inappropriate moments (like at work, on tube, ....)
Only go 1/2 sz down your actual size (I am 51/2 or 6 but buy 5 in Birkenstocks)
I just can't get on with them, if I put my arch where its meant to go then my heels and toes are in the wrong place, same with Scholls though. Maybe I have weird feet !!

I just wear them round the house now.
I love them - have 4 pairs in different colours.

Bought my newest 2 pairs from Costco for around £19 a couple of months ago in silver and patent purple. When I went to my local Costco last weekend they still had lots in stock and several styles. Work out cheaper than QVC and you can try them on.

Mine are the 'Madrid' style with a single strap (a bit like scholls which I also love and have worn in the summer for many years).

When they are new wear only for an hour or so each day until the footbed moulds to your foot shape.

I cannot get on with the double stap styles they do not suit my high instep and IMO do not look so nice.

I'm wearing mine now! :hi:
I find I have to break the toe post styles in, all other styles I don't. I wear clog
styles in winter, but this winter I will be able to wear proper shoes, as i bought a pair in the covent garden shop.
I normally have trouble breaking in shoes.
I was wearing flyflots before I got a of birkenstocks in last clicks on QVC for £10. I found them really comfortable straight away and have never worn the flyflots since. I now have several pairs of the 2 or 3 strap styles. Not a great fan of flip flops and have never been able to wear toe-post shoes.
I love them, and have several pairs in different styles and colours. They are my main footwear for work. I like the Gizeh (toe post) style best, but also have Arizona and Madrid, plus a couple of pairs of footbed sandals from Next, which I also find very comfy - although the footbed is not as highly profiled as the Birkenstock one. Personally, I've never had to break mine in, but they do soften up and get even more comfy after a few wears. My only problem with them is that they usually end up stinking long before they wear out, and I end up chucking them away because of that.
My feet are quite wee so I don't go for strappy styles but I like clogs because they hide the scars I have. Not the boston style though, something more cut away.
I buy from here and they have the full catalogue on display.
I bought my first pair last month after wanting to try some for ages - I went for the salina style as after readings lots of reviews from people who have birkenstock they said they were the most comforable they owned and they looked the most supportive having 3 straps. I initially ordered my regular size 7 but they were too big so had to exchange them for a 6 but they are the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn and I normally struggle with sandals, rubbing on toes etc but not these. I didn't even have to break them in. They were comfortable from the first wear. I am glad I took the plunge and ordered them but am sticking to the salina style as I am not sure I would get on with the one strap style.:clapping:
I have seven pairs, so not a lot, but tend to wear them exclusively in the summer as I love them. I do not need to wear them in as such, but find that after a couple of days they feel even better.
I love them, so give them a try, but try and find somewjere to try them on so you get the sizing right (eg TKMax)

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