anyone tempted by tsv Lustra Knit Beaded Tunic & Trousers Matching Set by Susan Grave


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Aug 28, 2008
anyone tempted by tsv Lustra Knit Beaded Tunic & Trousers Matching Set by Susan Grave

what is this? a pyjama suit or what? thought at 90%+nylon it would not be flame retardent surely.

i can honestly say i have not seen an 'outfit' like this since abba were top of the pops, and tramp was the 'on trend' scent
So glad you brought this up. I checked in last night for the usual peerless style guidance, but the forum was down.

It reminds me of that 'velour leisurewear' that used to be advertised for £14.99 in the magazines that come with the Sunday papers.
when the 'designer' says word like orlon and tell me (138 469) will look good while you are cooking the turkey( you sure as hell will look like it foil and all) you know it is time to swith the tv over....
i just showed it to my mun, who is 70 she aptly described it as menopause wear and said i would be laughing on the other side of my face in a few years when i would see it as 'comfy' she did not go into further details, but she was sporting a sinister smirk. mmm pass the HRT quick
I caught the TSV launch at midnight with Julia, wearing size Small as usual (but, as she explained, just a bit tighter across the chest than on the models). I actually couldn't see a single thing I liked about this outfit. However, I have to say that Julia did look slim in it. She looked 2 sizes smaller than when she wears those loose fitting tops she's been sporting of late. Perhaps it was the head to toe in one base colour thing but it did appear to have a slimming effect. Probably light up like a Christmas tree though with static. And no, I haven't bought one!
I would like to know what the fashion buyers at QVC wear, not the tat they keep showing us I bet. It just gets worse.:eek:
Mmmmm i wonder if the nylon content in qvc 'fashion' is single handedly responsible for climate change, all that static charge melting the ice caps :33:
between kvz,butler and wilson bags and kim and co the envoiroment reLLY IS NOT A PRIORITY ON QVC LIST.
I wonder if "you-know-who" has gone for it in every colour? After all, this is one of her favourite types of fashion!! :54:
Hideous is the only way I can describe this item it must be one of the worst 'fashion items' they have ever had. While the guest presenter is bragging about the nylon content etc. I wonder if they realise the amount of polution making these type of fabrics can cause. I would say not.
She keeps saying it is soft like a nylon stocking - it's bad enough having to wear tights, but clothes that feel like that - eughh, she also uses microfibre - marvelous for cleaning but not for clothing!

Mrs James will no doubt be putting her order in:54:
I wonder if "you-know-who" has gone for it in every colour? After all, this is one of her favourite types of fashion!! :54:

They did actually describe the top as 'kaftan like' at one point - I bet she was rushing to the phone then....:lol:

What colour did you get Mrs. James - or did you go for one of each???
When I first saw it I thought that it was a pair of PJs but then I watched the begining of a presentation (Couldn't watch till the end) andsawthat you where ment to ware it out!!Not one I will be tempted with today even though it's 90% nylon.
I thought someone said they read these posts (they being QVC bods), clearly they take no notice, is their fashion buyer blind?

To the QVC fashion buyer...We dont want your American fashions for shut-ins thankyou!!
Blimey it will be Mu Mu's next :11:

"Muʻumuʻu are also popular as maternity gowns and with obese people because they do not restrict the waist." wikipedia

"does my bum look big in this"
"Yes its enormarse"

Love the menopause comment.:32:
Well,I can honestly say I have never seen anything so hideously ridiculous apart from....
Michelle Hope
Kim n Co
Reny Martan
Nina Leonard

The "fashion dept" at QVC should be prosecuted under the Trade Descriptions Act.:3:
I am a menopausal woman and believe me that nylon tat would not survive or flatter one of my flushes!!!

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