Anyone know what Picture Perfect TSV will be?


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Simon you really wanna know when its QVC we are talkin about here lol

its a Samsung ST550 12.2MP 4.6x optical zoom digital camera

in a choice of black or purple

cheapest i can find it is £225 up to about £299

so it will be your guess how much the TSV will be
Samsung ST550 12.2MP Dual Display Camera 4.6x Optical Zoom 4GB SD Card & Case
Item Number: 562236
QVC Price £326.25
Today's Special Value Price £269.64
Availability In stock
UK P&P £6.45

Get everyone into the shot with the first front-and-back Samsung camera. As well as a 3.5" LCD touch-screen on the back, it has a 1.5" LCD screen on the front that ensures you take perfect self-portraits and group snaps. Child mode helps to get great snaps of the little ones by playing an animation on the front screen to get their attention and hopefully make them smile! Take detailed shots thanks to the 12MP picture quality and the 4.6x optical zoom. Other features include haptic technology, movement sensitive controls, HD video and a 4GB Micro SD card.

could be on
2 x £134.82
3 x £89.88
4 x £67.41
If you don't mind getting the version down, the 500 (although I can't work out the difference between this and the 550)
£211 (a seller but free delivery)
and £215
Case is £10
Plus you can pick up a 4gb sd card for as low as £7 or £10 for a 8gb.
So in total £228 cheapest. Or £233 if you want to buy direct from Amazon

ETA: Visited the Samsung site, the lcd is half an inch bigger on the 550
500 specs
550 specs
can't find any other differences
I ordered this as a tSv as i am not getting along with the camera i have. They said on qvc that this is the world's first double screen camera so does this cheeper version have both screens? I thought the little clown might just be the ticket to getting my granddaughter to look at the camera she started turning her head away when i try to get a picture, lets hope the quality is good and it's user friendly as well or it will be going back.
Did anyone get one of these cameras ?

CDiscount are selling it for £177 after discounts £100 cheaper than the TSV price !

Im thinking of getting it

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